• Prayer Connections – presents fun and safe ways for people to pray together and grow in their prayer life corporately or individually
      Contact: Janet  at businessaccount.jk@gmail.com
    • Worship – Musicians, Vocalists, Artists with a passion for worship, creativity, music and art.
      Contact: April at aprilpyang01@gmail.com
    • Family Ministries – Partnering with families to help children meet and love Jesus.
      Contact: Lillie Van Houten at lil.vanhouten717@gmail.com
    • LCC Youth – Connecting teenagers to the truth about God and His word in a fun, safe environment.
      Contact: Miguel at miguelvalentin7@gmail.com
    • Adult Education
    • Diaconate– The first responders to the physical, spiritual and relational needs of the church.
      Contact: Annette Salvesen at nettymom2boyz@gmail.com
    • Resolving Conflict Through Peacemaking- Solving conflict by using Biblical peacemaking principles that bring glory to God.
      Contact:  Shirley Hulbert at (845) 268-0681.
    • Healing Prayer MinistryRestoring , Renewing, Transforming, Renouncing, Reclaiming through intentional focused prayer.
      Dona at lcchealingprayer@gmail.com
    • First Impressions Team – cultivating an atmosphere of hospitality and community transformation.
      Contact: Stephanie at stepileone8@gmail.com
    • Connection Groups – Connecting with others, the Word, and God.
      Contact: Ben Schepens at Bennett.schepens@nyack.edu
    • Riverview Nursery School – providing a solid foundation on which future learning may build upon.
      Contact: Jan at riverviewnurseryschool@gmail.com , call 845-353-6737 or go to their website: www.riverviewnurseryschool.com