The LCC Global Connection Team is a bridge that connects Living Christ Church and Nyack with our global partners to create an effective relationship that will foster mutual discernment, soul care, empowerment, prayer and support.

  • Our Global Partners are:

      • John & Helen Ellenberger – Indonesia
      • Barry & Patty Jordan – Indonesia
      • Soeuth & Syna Lao – Cambodia – More on their ministry
      • Paul & Julie – Middle East
      • Ben & Dona Schepens – Jordan
  • The Global Connections team exists not only to connect to our Global partners overseas but is here to help you, our Living Christ family, to engage globally and locally in the personal mission God has for you.

    Contact the Global Connections team at to pursue any of the next steps below.   We are here to connect you to resources and/or facilitate and coach you on how to make this a reality.

      • Have a Dream Session – Dream session is an open brainstorm session to get all the ideas and passions out in the open to start clearing the fog to start engaging your mission.
      • Form a discernment team – A discernment team is an intentional group that is formed who are passionate about partnering with you to seek God’s voice for guidance, truth, and direction.
      • Go! –  When a person sees, smells, tastes, hears, and feels personal mission in the works there is a new enthusiasm to pursue it for ourselves.
      • Resource or Be Resourced – The best way to be on mission where God is moving is to be a resource. Planning on launching your mission and need resources? Connect and be resourced by your community and church family.

    Look for our monthly International Spotlight during Sunday gatherings to find out what is happening in the lives of our global partners and how others are engaging their mission.