Resolving Conflict through Peacemaking

The purpose of the Peacemaking is to teach the people of our church and county how to solve conflict by using Biblical peacemaking principles.  It is our goal to see everyone in our church learn Biblical peacemaking so that our responses to conflict with bring glory to God and cause those around us to hunger to know more about God.

  • Events/Training opportunities

    The Peacemaking team offers a training seminar on RESOLVING EVERYDAY CONFLICT.  This DVD series is created by Peacemaker Ministries. 

    If you would like training before then, please go to the website and look for the Resolving Everyday Conflict course sessions that are available through “Peacemaker University.” – web based training. The catalogue lists individual sessions which are available for $2.95/session.

      • Facing the Flames of Conflict (free)
      • A New Way of Thinking (true)
      • God to Higher Ground (Glorify God)
      • Accepting Responsibility (Making an Effective Apology)
      • Gently Engage Others (Gently Restore)
      • Get Together on Lasting Solutions (Go and Be Reconciled)
      • Overcome Evil with Good
  • Need to talk to a trained person to help you through a conflict?

    If you would like to talk to someone about a conflict you are in, coaching is available through trained team members.   Call the church office at (845) 358-3125
  • Advanced Training

    Would you like to learn how to coach others or lead a mediation?  Training is available through the Christian and Missionary Alliance, or Peacemaker Ministries.