Living Christ Church

Nyack, NY

Living Christ Church is a community of people engaging in connecting with God and each other as they pursue the movement of God in the village of Nyack and the surrounding area. LCC is a Nyack Church that is centered on the life, freedom, wholeness, and connection that comes with being in community and taking next steps in seeking after the living and redeeming Christ.

Living Christ Church is privileged to belong to The Christian & Missionary Alliance(C&MA), a unique missionary denomination and movement formed in New York City. The Alliance (C&MA) is a light-bearing, Jesus-centered missions and church-planting movement with the deeper life at its heart.

Living Christ Church has a long rich heritage in the village of Nyack holding its first service in 1945 at the home of church leader Don Byers and under the pastoral leadership of Dr. C. Donald McKaig. Formerly Living Christ Church was named Simpson Memorial Church in memory of Dr. A.B. Simpson, founder of the denomination.

A.B. Simpson, who in many ways, inspired what became Living Christ Church, believed that a church should become an aggressive spiritual movement … for the people of all classes … designed to reach the neglected peoples of earth. As Living Christ Church continues forward, the ongoing desire and prayer is for God to do just that.