When our community is in times of grieving, celebration of new sons and daughters, or times of sickness or struggle, we make sure their physical needs are met by coordinating meals for them and checking in. (Family Dinners)

When a member of our family wants to take that next step of faith through Baptism, or as a community we want to celebrate and remember what Jesus has and is doing for us through Communion, the Deacons make the preparations so these spiritual encounters happen well. (Baptism & Communion)

We send people off well, celebrate next steps, and support those grieving, by throwing pot lucks and parties (Special Events) 

When people barely have made it for the service on Sunday and worried that their long week will hinder them being able to keep their eyes open, we make them really good coffee and a reason to stay a few minutes extra after the service and possibly connect with someone they never had the opportunity to yet (Cafe in the Foyer)

And when there are new people joining our church and visitors not yet connected, we help LCC feel like home by reaching out and asking them to serve alongside of us, hearing their stories and  welcoming them into the family.  (Leaders of LCC volunteers; aiding in discipleship)

To get involved or for more information contact Annette Salvesen at nettymom2boyz@gmail.com