Our Vision Statement

The vision of Living Christ Church is to connect people deeply with God and each other in a fun and safe environment.

Our Values

We will Love Nyack
God loves every person that lives, works and plays in the greater Nyack area.  We will serve, bless and pray for this community so that they experience that love.  We are a church in, of and for Nyack.

We will Listen to God
We believe God is still speaking through His word and His Spirit, so we will be a community that listens.  Our response to God will be, “yes” and “Amen.”  We will act in light of what we have heard from Him.

We will Change through the work of Holy Spirit
We believe that Jesus changes everyone through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.  We will choose-in to this ongoing process believing that every change God initiates in us is good.

We will Invest in People
For the sake of those near and far, we will invest in the people God gives us.  During their time among us people will become healthier, more whole and more Christ-like. We will be generous with our time, energy, wisdom, resources and knowledge.

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